Essential chapters


siduction strives to be 100% compatible with Debian Sid. Nevertheless, siduction may offer packages that temporarily replace faulty Debian packages. The siduction apt repository contains siduction specific packages such as the siduction kernel, scripts, utilities, and documentation.
The distribution siduction is aimed at users who already have some experience with Linux and are not afraid of using the command line.

On the stability of Debian Sid

“Sid” is the name of the Debian unstable repository. Debian Sid is regularly updated with new software packages, which means that this Debian distribution contains the latest versions of the respective programs very promptly. However, this also means that there is less time between a release in the upstream (by the software developers) and the distribution in Debian Sid to test the packages.

Essential chapters

For users who are new to siduction, we strongly recommend reading the following chapters. In addition to basic information on Linux, they contain important, siduction-specific settings and procedures.

Last edited: 2023/11/15