Content of the live ISO

Contents of the Live-ISO

Note about the software on the Live-ISO

siduction provides DFSG-free software on the Live-ISO as well as non-free firmware. To uninstall proprietary software, use the command apt purge $(vrms -s) or our script remove-nonfree after installation.

The ISO is based exclusively on the latest Debian Sid at the time of release, enriched and stabilized with custom packages and scripts from the siduction repositories. The kernel we use is a patched version of the latest vanilla mainline kernel. ACPI and DMA are enabled.

A complete manifest file with a list of all installed programs for each release variant of siduction can be found on each download mirror.

Variants of the ISO

siduction offers seven current images-en in 64-bit as live ISO to get started with Debian Sid. Five of the images come with a preinstalled desktop environment. Typically, an installation takes between 1 and 10 minutes, depending on the hardware.
The alternatives are:

  1. KDE Plasma 64-bit, live-ISO with about 2.8 GByte:
  2. Xfce 64-bit, live-ISO with about 2.3 GByte:
  3. LXQt 64-bit, live ISO with about 2.2 GByte:
  4. Xorg 64-bit, live ISO with about 1.8 GByte:
  5. NoX 64-bit, live ISO with about 800 MByte:

32-bit ISOs are no longer offered by default.
If a 32bit ISO is desired, we will gladly create one on request in IRC. Unfortunately, we cannot test such an ISO.

Minimum system requirements

for: KDE-Plasma, Mate, Xfce, LXQt, LXDE, Cinnamon, Xorg, and NoX

Processor requirements: 64Bit CPU

Intel Core2
Intel Atom 330
any x86-64/ EM64T capable CPU or newer
newer 64-bit capable AMD or Intel CPUs
(look for the “lm” flag in /proc/cpuinfo or use inxi -v3)

Memory requirements

KDE Plasma at least   4 GByte RAM
Xfce       at least   4 GByte RAM
LXQt       at least 512 MByte RAM
Xorg       at least 512 MByte RAM
NoX        at least 256 MByte RAM

At least 5 GByte hard disk space for NoX
At least 15 GByte of disk space for all the others.
At least 50 GBytes of disk space when installing on a partition formatted with Btrfs.


VGA graphics card with at least 640x480 pixel resolution and optical drive or USB media.

Applications and utilities

As web browser, Firefox or Chromium is included (depending on the variant).

LibreOffice is pre-installed as office software. Dolphin, Thunar, and PCManFM are available as file managers.

Connman or Network Manager is available for network and internet configuration.

Xorg and NoX are delivered with IWD as wireless daemon. It can be configured via nmtui/nmcli or iwctl.

For disk partitioning, cfdisk, gdisk and cgdisk, and GParted are supplied. Gparted also provides the ability to resize NTFS partitions.

System analysis tools such as Memtest86+ (a tool for comprehensive memory analysis) are included, too.

Each ISO variant contains an extensive selection of applications for the command line. A complete manifest file with the installed programs for each release variant of siduction can be found on each download mirror.


siduction is experimental software. Use at your own risk. The siduction project, its developers, and team members cannot be held liable under any circumstances for damage to hardware or software, lost data, or any other direct or indirect damage to the user by using this software. Anyone who does not agree to these terms may not use or distribute this software.

Last edited: 2022-12-14