Use Live DVD

How to use the live DVD

Users set up on the live medium

The users siducer and root (the system administrator) are set up on the live medium.

The password for the user siducer is live.
No password is set for root (system administrator).

The live session will be locked after some time without any input. To unlock, please enter the username siducer and the password live.

root privileges on the live DVD

Several ways of how to run a program with root priviliges are described below.

Whenever you work with root privileges, you should know exactly what you are doing. For web browsing and similar actions, root privileges are not necessary.

  1. The easiest way is to open a terminal and get root privileges by typing su.
    To start a program that works with a graphical user interface, just enter the program name.

    root@siduction:~# gparted &

    Now Gparted will be executed with root privileges. The “&” at the end of the command puts the process into the background so that the terminal remains usable.

  2. Open a command prompt window:
    Use the key combination Alt+F2 to get a program launcher and enter the following command:

    sudo <application>  

    A terminal window will open, asking you for the root password. Now simply press the Enter key, unless a temporary root password has been set as described below. In the latter case, the corresponding password must be entered.

  3. Enter the following command into a terminal without root privileges:

    sudo <application> &

    Please note:
    sudo is not preconfigured on hard disk installations. We recommend to directly use the real root account.
    See why sudo is not configured.

How to set a new password

Remember: The livesession’s standard user is siducer with the password live. If you want to change the password, open a terminal and enter the following commands:

siducer@siduction:~$ passwd
Enter a new password:
Re-enter the new password:
passwd: Password successfully changed

This new password for siducer can be used for the rest of the live session.

The same procedure can be used to set a password for root in any terminal, but you have to become root via su first. Afterwards, a login on a virtual console as root is possible.

Software installation during live session

The command sequence for installing software during a live session is similar to that on a hard disk installation. The prerequisite is a root terminal:

apt update
apt install <the-package-you-want>

Otherwise, type sudo before the commands.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install <the-package-you-want>

However, if you shut down the live DVD, no changes will be kept.

Last edited: 2022/03/30