Siduction Manual

The siduction GNU-Linux operating system

The name siduction™ is a play on two words: the word sid, meaning the code name of Debian Unstable, and seduction.

siduction is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU project. In addition there are application programs from Debian. siduction is committed to the core values of the Debian Social Contract and the following “Debian Free Software Guidelines”.
See also DFSG


For those who want to get started quickly, here is the Quick Start Guide

The siduction operating system manual is a reference for getting to know the system as well as for refreshing your knowledge of the system. It not only provides basic knowledge, but also covers complex topics and supports the work as an administrator of siduction systems.

It is divided into similar topics: Everything concerning partitioning, for example, is in the “Installation/Partitioning” chapter, and topics concerning WiFi are in the “Network” chapter.

The current manual is delivered with the ISOs. Since changes are made to the manual on an ongoing basis, it is worth taking a look at the online version from time to time.

Printing manual pages:
Linux commands can be more than 120 characters long. In order to optimize the display on a screen, automatic line breaks are not applied. Our manual in PDF format, on the other hand, contains line breaks for the long commands. The PDF manual is available on all ISOs and on the system after installation.
To print manual pages, please use the PDF and print only the pages you need.

To get help for a specific pre-installed or self-installed application program (also called a package), it is best to consult the FAQs, online manuals or forums on the home page, or the application’s help menu.

Almost all application programs offer assistance by means of an associated “Manual-Page” (short manpage). It can be called in the terminal using the command man <package_name>. You can also check for documentation in the /usr/share/doc/<packagename> directory.

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This is experimental software. Use at your own risk. The siduction project, its developers, and team members cannot be held liable under any circumstances for any damage to hardware or software, loss of data, or any other direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this software.

If you do not agree with these terms, you are not allowed to further use or distribute this software.

Last edited: 2023/08/15