Client configuration

How to access a Windows network share using siduction

In a console, the shares on a server can be displayed with:

smbclient -L <server>

To see a share in a directory (with access for ALL users), a mount point must exist. If not, a directory must be created as a mount point (the name is arbitrary):

mkdir -p /mnt/server_share

A share is mounted with this command:

mount -t cifs -o username=administrator,uid=$UID,gid=$GID //server/share /mnt/server_share

If you get an error message here, it may be due to the SMB protocol version you are using. In Debian, SMB 1.0 is no longer used for security reasons. Unfortunately, there are still systems which provide only SMB 1.0. To get access to such a share, the mount option vers=1.0 is needed. The complete command is:

mount -t cifs -o username=Administrator,vers=1.0,uid=$UID,gid=$GID //server/share /mnt/server_share

A connection is terminated with this command:

umount /mnt/server_share

To mount a Samba share automatically, the /etc/fstab file can be amended according to this pattern (all in one line):

//server/share /mnt/server_share cifs noauto,x-systemd.
password=**********,uid=$UID,gid=$GID 0 0

However, it is not recommended to write the password in plain text to fstab. A better alternative is to create .smbcredentials with the following content:


The resulting entry for /etc/fstab is (all in one line):

//server/share /mnt/server_share cifs noauto,x-systemd.
to/.smbcredentials>,uid=$UID,gid=$GID 0 0

The variables “UID” and “GID” correspond to those of the user to whom the share should be given. But you can also write uid=<username> and gid=<groupname>.

siduction as samba server

Of course, siduction can also provide an SMB server. Describing the setup as a Samba server here in the manual would go beyond its scope. The internet provides many HowTo’s on this topic.

Our recommendations:

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redhat - using samba as a server

There are many more sites on this topic on the web.

Last edited: 2022/04/20